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My ID Life testimonial… Some of you know that I am active duty Navy and proudly have been for almost 18 years. I have Fibromyalgia, Cervical Radiculopathy, Occipital Neuralgia, GERD, insomnia, back pain, and a few other minor medical issues. 
Back story: I have had very complicated medical issues since I injured my Neck and Shoulder in 2002 at the age of 20 and while out to sea on a Navy ship. 
Fast-forward to 2009 After taking gabapentin for nearly 8 years I was finally told I was on a deadly path with gabapentin and the doctor did not want to increase my dosage any more otherwise I could not be on a Navy Ship so what did they do… Medical took me right off and it took 6 months for the gabapentin to clear out of my system for a re-evaluation of my pain.
2010 - Back to Pain Management which came with new pain meds, muscle relaxers, sleeping meds while taking all of these I had a very bad fall bruising my whole left side with intense pain, while underway and the great medical doctor I had said lets max out to the allowable prescription that Pain Management said I could take. I spent 2 days asleep before I was ever checked on. The Next day I was returning to work (still underway) when I fell up the ladder and bruised the other half of my body. I spent the next 4 days not allowed to move around the ship unless I had someone with me. The Senior Medical Officer on board wanted to send me off the ship for and medically separate me from the Navy because the Medications were not working properly when my pain elevated. I stopped taking all 9 pills and started looking for supplements that would help and tried several different kinds playing the “guessing game”. I avoided medical like it was the black plague for a year thinking out of sight out of mind because I wanted to stay Navy and I was forgotten about by Medical and the process to separate me medically when no further than the recommendation paper that made it into my medical record uncompleted.
Late 2011- I almost made it thru an 8 month deployment when my insomnia kicked in hard core. Back to Medical I went and was prescribed sleeping pills that only helped me get 3 hours of sleep a day, to the Extreme sleeping pills that we call the “NO-GO” pills that require 18 hours of down time which only gave me 4-5 hours of sleep a day. Once we returned home the New Senior Medical Officer sent me back to Rheumatology and Pain Management. The Rheumatologist started me on Lyrica which caused restless leg and sleeping problems so they added Flexeril and sleeping medications. After a few months the paperwork for a Medical Review Board was started but due to other issues I was once saved again from the process. 
In April of 2013 I received Orders off of the ship and arrived to Pensacola in May. I started looking harder for better products to help me be able to stay Navy.
Spring of 2014 the new doctor I started seeing told me that she was obligated to send me thru the process of a Medical Review Board and then to a Physical Evaluation Board. I was preparing to be discharged out for Medical reasons. Then my Big Brother Terry Howard found ID Life. 
To make a long story short…Thankfully between Medical and my Command the process lasted much longer (10 Months) that normal. Time was on my side because in the start (May 2014-October 2014) the Doctor I was seeing stated “No Operational/overseas Billets. NOT Worldwide deployable”. 
In December 2014 the doctor changed her mind to “Fit for duty” after receiving a letter from a new Rheumatologist stated “she stopped taking Lyrica and Flexeril to try nutraceuticals. Ms. Howard does have fibromyalgia. At this point there is no need for her to take a pharmacologic approach to therapy” I showed the Rheumatologist the health assessment print out. 
24 February 2014 I received my findings from the Physical Evaluation Board as “Fit to Continue on Active Duty” which kicked it back to Medical with a Medical Assignment Screening which states “Worldwide Assignable without Limitations”
There is NO doubt in my mind that IDNutrition and the sleep strips had a major part in this. I am an IDLifer. 
My improvements include pain free days which I have not known since 2002, head tingling and migraines free after almost 4 years of having them every day and almost all day long. I sleep awesome now even when sleeping on the ground in a tent while camping with the Boy Scouts with no soreness the next day. Thank you IDLife!!!