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I am located near Soperton, GA

Hand deliveries are available.  
Hand Delivery Available. We can make your puppy experience very special by Hand Delivering your baby. If you want to make sure your puppy makes it to you for that special day... with no interruptions due to weather or do you want the security of your puppy being with someone though out the Journey. If so we offer to hand deliver your new baby. Cost depending on distance, gas price, hotel, etc.  
I do try to have puppies going to same area to help save on gas 
$50 for up to 1 1/2 hr drive one way
$75 for 2 1/2 hr drive one way
$100 for 3 hr drive one way
 $175 for 4 hr drive one way
$200 for 5 hr drive one way

I do come on longer drive i do try to bring 2 or more pups to keep the delivery cost down for you. making a trip for just one pup will be double

$300 for 6 to 7 hr drive one way
 $400 this is a 8 - 9 hr drive one way
I do try to cut cost by bringing more pups at a time

I do Air ship out west 

Airline ticket cost plus Vet Health Certificate, Crate (padding and food dish), and delivery to closest (pet) airport  
Shipping will run around $ 75 (crate cost) plus cost of airline $325- $350 depends on the weight of the pup  

I also hand deliver sometime (many times) this is less cost 
GA, FL, SC, NC,VA,WV, PA, KY, IN, Pensacola FL, Washington DC  
No shipping charges for puppies that are picked up. 

You can reserve your tiny one for a 25% deposit. Deposits are non refundable.  

  We accept personal checks (for deposits only) Cashier Checks, cash

 Proper ID will be required before the puppy is picked up in Person or at the airport.  
 Puppies held with deposits must be paid in full 5 days before shipping.  

 Puppies generally can go home between 8 to 10 weeks, boarding with fee of $25/$50 a week can be arranged beyond 12 weeks of age.  

Deposits are non-refundable. If a puppy is held longer for the owner for reasons other than puppy maturity, the puppy needs to be paid in full first and this is non refundable. Example; boarding while owner is on vacation, family illnesses, summer vacation etc.