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Puppies are:
wormed every 2 weeks,
Age depends on # of Shots,
Toy, collar
There are two body types of labs. The American LAB "Typical Type", for the most part, has longer legs, longer nose. They are taller in appearance, and have a longer skinny tail. They are not as stocky as the English "Show Type". The American dogs are larger dogs, overall. They have a longer neck that is not as thick. On the other hand the English, for the most part, have a shorter, stockier frame, shorter, thicker legs, a shorter tail, thicker, shorter necks, shorter nose and a much blocker look to their build. 

I like a little of both that is why I do have a little of both in my dogs .. WHY >>> 

The English being shorter leg cant keep up on the farm, and my Horses, they might be pretty in the show ring. but they can't keep up with the kids they wear out to fast. They are only good for 2-3 hours of work if that and that's one that is in shape not a show dog 

The American being longer leg can go and go all day ether running with us on Horse back or the 4 wheeler's, tossing the ball for hours (great play for the kids) but I do like a little bit of the English head.  Your American are the ones that sit all day in a duck blind (being good) waiting for the hunter to shoot, can't have a hyper dog there. 

I need a dog that can go all day and night if needed working around the farm and on guard duty for the night watching over the family. AND a mix of the two was just what I was looking for. NOW this IS my opinion. You might find some great English dogs out there, but after 30+ years raising labs on the farm I need a dog that looks good and can keep up with me and my grand kids on the farm I need a dog that can go 12-14 hours a day every day. I don't have the hip problems because my dogs our out moving on the farm not locked in cages and kennel they run the play like dogs are meant to do. not locked away. and they come in the house lay down and be good.  I have 7 lab's in my house that sleep on or by my bed 
This is FIG ( found in Garage ) she was found at about 3-4 week of age , Misty feed you while feeding her pups
SILVER by Fairytaildogs
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your story's of your pups
Koko /Silver
Koko /Silver

this is Jade
Sugar is making a great baby sitter 
Updated: 28SEP2019 (MISTY AND SILVER) 
Feel free to E-mail fairytailvalley@gmail.com or 
call or text 912-529-3800(H) 757-202-0151(C) or 478-998-7104
$500 without papers all microchipped
Both are on the smaller side
2.5 year old Charcoal Female - Shadow out of Charm and Scout $500
2.5 year old Silver female - Pinkie Pie $500
Let me have that Moon
MISTY & SILVER puppy born 27APR2019
2 Charcoal females
2 Silver Females (1 sold)
1 Silver Male
Group pictures below 
We are located in Soperton GA.  We moved from Ohio to give the dogs more room to run and swim
Charm and Scout Sep 2017
Shasta and Scout Dec 2017
Blue Collar (Silver Male)
Sweet, explorer, loves attention
yellow Collar (Charcoal Female)
​sweet, explorer, 

loves to give kisses
purple Collar (Charcoal Female)
​explorer, loves to give kisses 

I am the runt 
loves to play in water
Pink Collar (Silver Female)
​sweet, explorer, loves sleeping on Misty 

​chill dog