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I am still working on this page but here is just a little for now . I have a lot on information its just getting it typed up. I will have a lot of facts on here it is just going to take some time 
Many people ask me are they pure Lab ... YES they are mine are AKC 
the most common color of Lab's are Black Yellow Chocolate 

The Dilute factor 
Everyone has one
Black,Yellow ,Chocolate

are you looking for something just a little different
But with the same great personalty , the great family pet

If you like to have people stop in there tracks and take a double look 
then the Dilute factor is for you

The Base color in a Silver is Chocolate ,
you can tell the difference between a Chocolate and a Silver from both near and far. Many people sometime mistake a Silver Lab with a weim  when i have pups being delivered I am make many LONG trips out of state and every 4 hours or less I try stop to give them a break and let them run and play/eat, people will  stop and ask me it looks like a lab but the color of a weim..  
 The Base color in a Charcoal is BLACK  Also known as a DARK SILVER if you take a black lab and a charcoal lab and put them 100 yards away you could not tell them apart ( color) till they were side by side right beside you .. then you would see the difference .

I love the Charcoal it is just the little bit of difference from the normal Black . they still have a difference in there coat because of the tip of the shafts on the hair.
the shafts of the tips shine in the sun.  

The reason the dilute coat ( looks/changes) color in different light is because of absorption and reflection.  

 a Champagne is a dilute yellow 
This is the SAME pup  A SILVER female 
Pic A she is with a choc lab pup (Koko) she looks more yellow in pic
Pic she is with a Black Lab ( Shadow) she looks more gray in pic
in A and B they were taken about 10 mins apart
in C it was a  a cloudy day she looks more brown's

also check out my meet my male page you can see different silver males different  shades all of my males are light silver 

D,E,F,G,is all the SAME dog ( Misty )

 This is Misty as a pup (D) (E)  
the pup one is in very good sunny day light 

(F) very clouldy snowy day this is Misty see how with out the sun hitting the high lights makes her look almost black she is a year old in this pic.

(G) is also misty is sun light age 2 
in the sun light you can sometimes see the sun hitting the tips of the  shafts of hair  and make them stand out . i love the charcoal when the sun catches and makes them glow.

(H) is another pic of a very nice charcoal (this is not my dog this pic was sent to me by a  friend    

(I) This is Charm SAME DOG   different light and in one her ears are (I) to me to me
 a Champagne is a dilute yellow 
this pup is out of Hershey I
I dont own a yellow anymore so I will have to go over to a friends house and take pic of there dog can also be called a English cream.
light silver 
 6 mos old
this is SILVER my Male 
This is a litter of SILVER and Charcoal
This is a litter of SILVER 
 Charcoal (left) Silver (right)    
This is Charm yes same dog........ different light 
light silver 
1 year old this is Silver my Male 

Charcoal  male
 This is Brimstone Same pup 
  just different lighting.  (out of Charm) you can see how in the sun the shaft of the hair glows  

 6 week old this is a champagne  male or ENGLISH CREAM 
not for sale just to show color

 8 week old this is a chocolate  male
not for sale just to show color

 6 week old this is a  6 week old Black  male not for sale just to show color.

 6 week old this is a silver male 
not for sale just to show color

 8 week old this is a Charcoal  Female 
not for sale just to show color