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Everyone ask me what should I feed my new baby
Here is what you baby has been eating here.
You can adjust to you lifestyle always remember to keep 
Fresh water 24/7 I  don't have chlorine in my water we have a well (country) so for the first few days 
give the puppy some bottle water then mix 50/50 for 3 days and you should be fine this will help his/her belly get use to the water and help them adjust.

PUPPY FOOD 24/7 I keep food down for my dogs 24/7.I use Diamond puppy for my puppies and nursing mommy's  (TSC) Tractor Supply Company 
When you keep food around all the time, they will not gulp their food. Now say you are late feeding or don't get home in time. as they get older by  you keeping food around all the time, they will not gulp there food. and say you a slows down that is why they get fat.  they will just take a when you keep food around all the time, they will not gulp there food. and say you a or two at a time and you will have a happier dog. they know there is always food.
NuVet plus - food Supplement. I highly  recommend this. I put this in every dish I make for the pups, I have seen smarter pups, I give this to the moms also so that her milk has all the good vitamins for the pups. 1800-474-7044 order code 57698
Treats  puppies love carrots to chew on. and I give hot dogs ( cut them up in 8) cheap and safe) with all the recalls
I do buy dog bones too .

Oats and gravy  with cheese then I add lots of milk  and NuVet
​(chicken gravy or beef gravy )

Eggs and green beans a real favorite around here

I keep dry food down Diamond 24/7  I get this from (Tractor Supply Company (TSC)
then there is 

the chicken I cook whole 2 time s a week and use the both in there dishes 
chicken and egg  dishes

canned food (beef) 

Yes they are (micro chipped so I know who is who.
 (5 weeks old) having there morning 2nd  bowl of milk out side 
Bath time   i will add more pic of other pups 
my pups love the water here is one reason why
I start them out very young 
I give them a bath at just a few days old . and at least every two weeks and it does a few things 
1.gets them ready for being held and and understanding 
2. relaxing 
3. love of water
4.makes it better for bath later on when they are bigger
5. trust in the human , when they trust you , they will give there all for your family 
You can see how relaxed my pups are they go to sleep.      PS      this is a silver see the color when wet.
. THIS IS A SILVER (see how dark he looks inside not in the sun)
He is getting ready to go to San Fransisco to see his new family. 

if you look close know one is holding him ( normal for my pups) he is NOT tied he just sits

my pups get baths a lot so they very good in the bath. They also get there nail clipped and just sit.

he is sitting on a cage it makes it easier for me so I don't have to bend down. my pups are only in a cage at night time and it is BIG 

A..waiting for the water to get warm
B..soaped up
C..soaped up
D.. get washed off ( I am holding camera in one hand and hose in the other )

E..Getting washed off ( I am holding camera in one hand and hose in the other )

F..drying off

NO fighting . just a good boy....