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​This a a page of pups and there family or things that they are doing now
send me your pic and I will post them
This page is for YOU to send me pic of what your dogs is doing .
Here is Miss Bella Marie (choc Lab) and her mom Vicki (VA) .  This sweet girl won just won 3rd place in dock diving this was her first time 19.2 feet what a great dog, and she is not even a year old .. cant wait to see what her future is like . congratulations  looking forward to see many more videos and pics of this great lady. 
Dock jumping also known as dock diving is a dog sport in which dogs compete in jumping for distance or height from a dock into a body of water
This is Winter (charcoal lab) she is in her new home in Idaho with her new family .  out of Misty/Sterling 
This is Welsh (Silver Lab) she is in her new home in Virgina with her new family .looks pretty in pink   out of Misty/Sterling 
This is Grady (weim) he is with his family in VA  
out of Zooey. Wanda says He is so much like my boys he picks at them all the time he loves to turn the xbox on and off with his nose while they play and his new trick is to unplug the controller and when they get up to plug it back in he steals their seat and won't move .Some days I'm really not sure he is a dog....he is a big kid
Here is Tonya's pup Nakoma (Silver Lab)retrieving a duck during a great hunt. she has turned out to be a great pup for the family 
Here is Tonya's pups Nakoma out of Fire and Topanga out of Thesha   ( not my daughter Tonya)
And Roxan and Jorge Thank you for the gift that you gave me .

This is the beginning of a life long friendship of a boy a his best friends 

Silver is out of Lacy /Sterling 
Charcoal is out of Charm /Sterling

We are absolutely loving the labs. We named the silver one Bailey and the charcoal one Remi (short for Remington). 

As you can see, our son Nathan is enjoying them! Our daughter Lily is 6 months and she laughs and pets them when they come to her.

I wanted to send an updated photo of Dalis & Jax. Dalis is 3 ½ months old and 
Jax is 5 months old in this picture. They are getting so big - a few days ago 
they weighed in at 27 lbs (Dalis) and 53 lbs (Jax). We have been to two weeks of 
puppy training class and they are doing great. They learn so quickly. We are 
looking forward to spring - long walks and we can't wait to introduce them to 
the lake that is nearby!
"Hi Brenda!! Just a little message to let you know that our little baby boy Hendricks is growing up so fast! Already 19 pounds!! He is the best puppy in the world we are really so in love with him.. and so is the rest of Canada people can't believe how cute he is!! He loves to play in the snow and come sleep on our laps..
 I can't thank you enough again for everything!

.HI Brenda - I wanted to send you a few pics of Gunny and Stormy playing. She is holding her own, he is pretty gentle with her even with being a 103 lb clumsy boy. She is the cutest thing ever and we all absolutely adore and love her. Enjoy the pics.
in these pic are Gunny (Rot) and Stormy ( Charcoal Lab out of charm) in there home in CA

I wanted to send you a few pictures of Jax. He is 
doing so well, we are totally in love with him! Dana
Jax and his new Sister Dalis (Molly/Sterling)

He is the most loving dog I've been around. He makes 
friends everywhere we go 
  Thank you again Brian and Medena (WV)
This is Buck

 Regarding the puppy my girlfriend and I purchased from you I think you had him named blue diamonds bell. He is doing great, he's really attached well with us and a few other family dogs that we are around. He's getting really big already just about 25 pounds now.
thank you again for helping us get such a great pup!!! 

Matt&Kelsey  (VA)
Hi Brenda - Snapped a pic of Gunny and Stormy cuddling together. I was almost in tears when they did this...all I could think was YESSSS!!! I have cuddling doggies!!!

I think he is fitting in just fine! Thanks!
Medena and Brian  (Bell and Sterling)

6 yr old Freya and her 10 month old  puppy he loves to swim  . Silver  Dollar can swim to the bottom and pick up things off the bottom and can stay under water to the count of 25.. He watches the kids and if they are under water to long he goes in and brings them up. what a great life guard.

Alexardra's sweet girl in FL (Misty/Sterling)

Here are some pictures of our Brimstone at 5 months here in MA. His coat really lights up in the sun! We love him!  ( Charcoal male out of Charm/Sterling ) 
And Eibhir (AY-ver) it means granite
(Silver Female out of Molly/Silver)
I had the honer of helping surprising the wife with these 2 sweet babies. she had picked them out and then thought I had sold them to someone else in FL... but to her surprise Her Husband  bought  them. They now have a great home in PA. It had to be one of the best Valentin's gifts  2-14-14

This is Bo and Choc-o they are partners in every way . Bo has Autism and Choc-o is his best friend ,his buddy to keep him safe they sleep together .Choc-o is still young and has gone thur some training and still going thu a lot of training to be a great support dog.   ( Hershey /Sterling)
I just had to take a minute to send you a couple of pictures of Bo and Choc-o. It isn't ever easy to get a picture of the these two holding still. I look at these pictures and can not believe how much our puppy has grown. 
We are still continuing our efforts to provide Choc-o with the needed training to officially become a service dog for Bo, but as you can see it is like Choc-o has a sixth sense and kind of hangs around in Bo's space like he knows it is what he was meant to do. 
He is a hilarious rowdy puppy to say the least, we just love him to pieces. 

Teressa (Bo's mom)

This is Sheila's sweet girl Bella ( Charm/Sterling) 

A little collage for you. graphite is now just short of 40 lbs.
Kayla and her best friends this is such a great pic.and it says a lot to me.

Rocky loves all of his new toys , He get's them all out of the basket and takes a nap on them.
Brian and Denise in DE
  ( Lacy/Silver)
Rocky (12weeks) and the Kids 
Remi ' s first time out duck hunting. She did great
she is just a year old

Greg and Stacy

This is Deucy  


We bought Blue (I believe Blue-bell) from you in February from Northern Virginia. He has been such an amazing pup and continues to surprise us with his smarts and obedience! I wanted to send you a few photos to share with you how big he has grown (42lbs as of yesterday!) and soon we will be traveling to Montana in which we hope to get him into duck hunting or dock diving, he enjoys the water and does great when fetching so I think either one he would love :) I hope all is well!
His name was changed to Colt and he definitely has his lazy relaxed side! But he loves kids and anyone who is willing to say hello to him. He masterd all his basic commands very quickly and is growning into a strong and slim lab. Hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for letting us have him to share a home with!
 I hope all is well!
Thank you,

J.T. & Kelly Yancy
Colt out of Bell/Sterling 

​Charra (Charm/sterling  and Licorice (Hershey/Sterling)
Susan ( MD )

Hi Brenda! 
I know I am writing so soon but I just wanted to give you once again for 
everything and give you a little update of Hendricks' first moments in Canada.. 
He is just the BEST puppy in the world!! 
Is he already potty trained?? He goes pipi outside whenever we bring him! He 
loves everybody gives kisses a lot and is so joyful and stress free! He goes on 
his own in his little cage and slept up until 5 am without crying, then Jorge 
woke him up for a little walk and he did his #1 and #2.. He's almost too easy! 
He's eating his puppy food well we started mixing yours and the one we got for 
him and he loves it.. (we couldn't find the Diamond food, but the put a store told 
us it was the healthiest puppy food they had!) 
We just love him with all our hearts... 
One saying that i like a lot:
"Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend.. Never owned a dog!" 

Well take care Brenda, we'll definitely keep in touch! 


Roxane and Jorge.. and Hendricks 
( Lacy and Sterling)

I am so happy I found you. Cooper and his new best friend Gunner are a match made in heaven. This makes it so worth it!!!!! Love love love our little Gunner 
 9 week old 2014
The Elf Gabroni brought him a silver lab all the way from the North Pole!! Thanks Brenda he is such a love:)

We named our little guy Archie . My husband's family all graduated from OSU... so there  fore we are all big Buckeye fans . He is doing great. I love him dearly , as well as the rest of the family. I will con't to send pictures he " is growing like a weed in JULY"! 
Stuart, Jill , Woody and Archie Young