I just wanted to give you a bit of a run down on our little fella. He is just the most precious little guy. Eats well and growing like a weed. He loves the snow! Brenda we love him so very much! We could not be happier with him. He raised his leg for the first time on Thursday and almost lost balance. It was too cute. He gives kisses to our old girl Beagle and sometimes shares her bed. They have become nice friends.  He chases her sometimes and bites her tail. She does not care one bit. He loves his toys and carries them all over the house. I dont know if I told you but John has been depressed a lot and has many medical problems from Vietnam. Well this pup has given him a new outlook on things. He is very active in caring for the pup and helps with the food prep and everything else. It has really brought him a lot of joy. By the way, we named him Toby instead of Willie..... He just looked more like a Toby.
Has you little pregnant girl had her pups yet? She was so cute. I just enjoyed our visit with you and your son so much. I cant wait to see the new litter. Who are the parents of this litter again? Well, I just wanted to say hi and tell you how we adore our little buddy, Toby. Thanks again, He is a ray of sunshine. Regards, Joanie
puppy from Goldie and king born sep 16 2010
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Hi Brenda!  Buckeye is doing wonderful and really loving his new home! He absolutely goes everywhere with me and is so much fun! I cant take him anywhere without him turning into the center of attention. Just had him at the vet and he continues to be in great health :) In the 3 weeks that I have had him he is now at 1lb 13oz which is pretty good. He eats like a pig and is very active. Hope you are doing well, again I am so happy with the addition to my family :) Please continue to keep in touch with me and I will continue sending pics. 
puppy from candy
Hi Brenda !
Ginger and Shelly are doing great together . Thank you for all of you support this past year with all the The kids just love them both.
puppy from goldie 09
puppy from Buffy 10
New page still under contriction and will be on going as we have new parent's
Thank , Thank you
SHADOW ( yes i liked the name)  is just perfect for our family the kids just love her. she sleeps in the hall way so she can see both of the girls  rooms. she is getting so big. My friend has a new lab that is 3 weeks older then her and she is much bigger the him. I am sure he will be calling you next year when he gets a 2 ND lab.  Shadow is still a pup but very smart . Here is a picture of the girls and shadow  
thank you again 

Charcoal Lab Puppy from Thesha 2012
Hi Brenda,

My name is Rebecca, and you sold a charcoal male pup to me and my Mom, Nancy, in Massachusetts last month. We just wanted to let you know that he is AMAZING. 
I've never seen a more obedient, well-adjusted pup -- you never have to tell him more than once to do what you want; he's picking up on training so quickly; and he's so affectionate and well-behaved. We've named him Brimstone, Brim for short, because he's a charcoal. :) 

Everyone at the vet just loves him, and are so impressed by his beautiful coat. He loves everyone, and listens so well -- he's not challenging or dominant, but he's not timid either. He took to crate training without any issues whatsoever, and at just 12 weeks he's well aware of the idea of house training. We can tell he's going to be a fantastic dog. 

People just fall in love with him, not only because he's such a cute puppy, but because his personality is so charming, and he's so well-mannered. His parents must be wonderful dogs if he takes after them!

When we've been asked where we got him, we always give them the name of your business, and that if they're looking for a puppy, that we'd HIGHLY recommend getting a lab from you -- you breed and raise them so well! Excellent health, superb temperament, stunning looks -- what more could we ask for? We're so impressed by this little guy, and of course by his first family, too.

It was so nice to meet you on the 15th -- we're so glad to have been able to give our Brim a good home! We'll be sure to send pictures as he grows up. What a good boy he is. 
Thanks so much, again, and all the best,

Pup out of Charm 2014