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Meet our females
they are part of our family
This is Panda (retired)... she is 4 Lbs
she is a Black and white and gold parti yorkie Panda is no longer with us we will miss her every day.
This is Bouncer... she is 4 1/2 Lbs she is a silver and gold yorkie
she is the daughter of CC Retired still living here for the rest of her life . RIP BOUNCER we will miss you.
This is Thesha (RETIRED) Charcoal Lab ,very pregnant in this pic mother of Lacy and Missty
She is Big bulky with lots of English blood line.
Pic of Shadow (black) taken 4-8 2012 not bad for a 13 1/2 yr young lady she is with a charcoal lab pup.
This is Silver Bell  (Retired)a silver lab She was a good friends Duck dog. She did very good.. 

In this Pic left to right 
Hershey, Bell, Thesha, Misty, Lacy
playing in the snow. Most have been Retired
Lacy (Retired)
This is Nicole Silver Lab .She is the daughter of Molly and Bow ( both Silver) she has 1 1/2 week old pups in this pic
This is Charm...Charcoal Lab (RETIRED)
She Was out of 2 very great Duck Hunting Dogs .  both pic are the SAME dog this is how lighting affects charcoal also. 
This is Diamond Silver Lab ,still nursing her puppies in this pic  her mother is Thesha father is Silver, 1/2 sister to Misty and Lacy
This is Koko ..Choclate Lab ,with silver father
Her Father is Bow,silver lab  hunting background... Mother is Hershey was a show dogs with Champions in background 
This is Tazzy.. Choc Lab
she is the daughter of Shadow
Tassy is no longer with us.
we will miss her every day.

This is Molly (RETIRED)  silver Lab 
She came from a friend  who is one of the best field trial trainers .
This is Lacy (Retired)...Silver Lab..... Daughter of Thesha and Soda... Sister of Missty
This is Hershey (retired) ..Black Lab 
Her Father Mother was a show dogs with Champions in background 
This is Sugar ..Champagne (English Cream) Lab ,With Hunting background
This is Nicole waking up from a NAP
This is  Willow
This is Shadow (RETIRED)
 Black Lab
she mother's everyone
This is SHADOW age 10 in this pic now age 16 (RIP)
​This is a pic of Missty at 8 weeks old Charcoals turn DARKER as they get older 
Our past and retired females
Moon out of Charm and Scout 
September 2017
8 weeks old
This is Missty (retired)...Charcoal  Lab..... Daughter of Thesha and Soda... Sister of Lacy Charcoal Lacy
pic taken at 11 mounths of age.
Tas (retired) is just like her mom shadow , she is helping nurse a yorkie pups that is same age as her lab pups just a LOT smaller